Monday, February 9, 2009

Gareth Rodger's CV - Entice Media.- Purkiss LTD - Lies A-Plenty of Grandiose Proportions

"The psychopath is primarily distracted and impressed by his own grandiose self-representation, which often leads to him unwittingly telling people things that lead to his detection. They often forget the lies they told and tell contradicting tales, which often makes the listener wonder if either the psychopath is crazy, although in this case the psychopath isn't really crazy -- he's just forgotten what lies he's told." Source

Some psychopaths appear strange or odd, and their behavior can be eccentric or unusual Source

They're charming and plausible, but they hide a dark secret. Kate Hilpern on psychopathic colleagues and why there are more of them than you might imagine Sub Criminal Psychopaths In The Work Place (The Guardian News)

If any serious company looking for someone trustworthy, hardworking, reliable, skilled and efficient I would stay away from Gareth Rodger and Entice Media. You won't find any of those attributes in Gareth, in fact you will find just a user and master manipulator? don't believe me? read this website. If you want to protect your company and assests , keep looking for someone better suited.

Gareth Rodger's recent CV lists skills some of which he has no idea how to use and implement, simply because he steals other people's idea and work.
A lot of his college and University Professors have stated his work "Tended to be very very poor"

Gareth had constant complaints due to his work not being up to par despite his bragging of being an amazing multi skilled professional. He even faked his last CV by scouring google for things to add to it that would make him appear more intelligent than he actually is.

Gareth Rodger is a psychopathic predator and I would warn anyone to really think and read this website before asking of his services.

You can see his CV for yourself Here

Gareth Rodger


East Sussex

Entice Media Website

"I’m a multi-skilled, dynamic, new media consultant and developer with an entrepreneurial
streak based in Brighton. I have a feverish passion for multimedia & technology and constantly
entertain fresh, new ideas. I’ve always looked to improve every aspect of my work whilst
sharing my enthusiasm and knowledge with those around me."

Hmm how about your improving your life in your family. ie" your two children and going to their funerals,which you also didn't help me pay for. your abuse of their mother too? you come across as reliable and dedicated in this CV even appearing responsible but you couldn't even be responsible enough to look after your family!? how can you run a successful business when you don't care about your fellow human being?

You abused the mother of your two now deceased children for years, you didn't even go to your second daughters funeral , that shows how much you care about HUMAN LIFE! . You used sex as the ultimate weapon of control, a pornographic addict for years, you scoured sites such as Goregasm to get your kicks, you even list it in your emails. You care for no one but yourself, yet you claim to be a clean-cut , intelligent , caring person, what utter deception!!! - have you paid for any of our babies funerals? NO! have you helped pay for their headstones? NO! you couldn't even be bothered to go to our second daughters funeral and you refused to see pictures of our child. You went on holiday to the Caribbean a few weeks after Hope died and I had to put the funeral forward so you could make it back in time- If no-one believes Gareth could be that heartless see that post here for proof & here

Your grandiose fantasies of becoming rich and popular are absurd, you fake human emotion to gain and manipulate others all because you "want what they have" you manipulate your fellow colleagues and rape people emotionally just to get to the top. You came up with the name "Entice Media" over 6 years ago, you have never stopped bullying and stepping all over people to gain what you think you deserve. You are a USER!

"I have knowledge and professional experience across a variety of multimedia disciplines, from
print design to physical interactive installations, this allows me to interact well with other team
members, clients and external companies."

No you made those up remember? you will always lift your experience to the highest possible heights knowing you can always steal someone else's work when you cannot follow up on the project yourself - Your interaction is manipulation, emotional abuse and cheating within the family - again how can you run a successful business when you cheat the people closest to you?

You couldn't even interact within the family environment how on earth can you interact respectfully within a business environment


University of Lincoln // Multimedia : : Sep 04 >> Sep 05

An excellent multimedia / web development course with innovative and influential staff.
My stay at university was cut short by an offer of full-time employment.

NO! that's a LIE you left university to move in with me! after our baby girl died - you HAD NO JOB FOR MONTHS AFTER! and expected me to keep you entertained and fed while you sat about doing nothing. I can prove that

After our daughter Hope died in March 05 a few hours after her passing away you made up your mind to move in with me , but you couldn't decide whether or not to do that when she was alive - yet it became easier for you to make that decision once she had passed. You made me wait 6 months! before moving in with me , 6 months of me waiting and you telling me the entire time "Just a bit longer" or "I have to do this first" and excuse after excuse, you kept me hanging on a thread for months. You also went on holiday to the caribbean just a few weeks after Hope died and you told me "If I can't make it to the funeral you will have to do it without me, I will try , but no promises" I had to put the funeral forward so you could make it back in time from your holiday of fun in the sun - For those reading this you can check out Gareth's holiday emails HERE. So much for a grieving father who just lost his baby less than 5 weeks ago huh?

You also FAILED every class at university Guess you thought your Uni Projects were amazing - from the link you can see they are not.

Developer / Systems Admin, DJ Litt’s : : Jan 00 >> Jan 05

Started, developed and managed Litt’s successful online ventures. My services included:

You did NOT start the website or online ventures Andrew Litt did as well as his other administrator. Litts have gone bust since due to the fact that Andrew Litt was £25 Million in debt and operating illegally, Litts is now in administration. You were only in charge of the website design IE: Images and you were only responsible for placing images for print in a Gun Magazine - You were NOT a systems administrator at ANY time for Litts. You fixed the occasional bug on your boss' computer and that suddenly makes you a systems administrator?

Online turnover exceeded £20,000 after launch and interactive CD’s were distributed among
many senior figures including George Bush Snr.

Oh yes you LOVE boasting about the CD's for George Bush Snr, however your father was in charge of that project wasn't he? all you did was help out putting images of Gun Collections onto the CDs. Do people know you got paid only £60 a week all those years working for Litts? If you were such a senior figure in the company and helped exceed £20,000 in profits you would have made more than a £60 a week paypacket. Another Illusion. I have proof of most of your lies and deceit Gareth.

You are still angry for not being invited to show the CDs to the Bush man himself and Andrew Litt did - that still makes you angry you were shunned so you have to bump up your importance within the company in order to appear successful and get the attention and adoration you think you deserve

Team Lead, Purkiss Ltd : : Dec 08 >> Current
Drupal & open source CMS consultancy. Work includes development on Europe’s largest
Drupal CMS for the UK government’s ‘National Strategies - Online E-Learning’ venture.
Despite working primarily with enterprise clients, special attention is paid to helping
entrepreneurial start-ups and charities.

Charities?!!!! you were NEVER charitable within the family , how can anyone trust you to be paid in helping to start up charities? - which involves a caring positive attitude of which you DONT HAVE! - do your company know how you cheated your partner and children out of their life and happiness, and how you ABUSED them daily for YEARS! I suspect if they did know they wouldn't want you working within their team

Do your companies and clients know how you are addicted to pornography and abuse of others? I can prove that too with pictures of you , do they know about your obsession with control? weapons? and Lies? do they know you are a sadist by nature and a psychopathic predator?

As with ALL pathologicals, they LIE through their teeth to get ahead in the business and political world, they name drop and manipulate others to gain what they can't ultimately handle, although they would never admit that to themselves or others

Please see Six Ways To Spot The Workplace Psychopath

"They are very good talkers and will often make up things in their resume so the interview panel is taken in by them," says Clarke."They appear to be charming, intelligent and sophisticated and it is only if you dig a little deeper you can see what sort of person they are."

The workplace psychopath will do anything to get the power, the status and the salary they crave."

The psychopath is filled with greed inside, relating to the world through power, even though, as I said, on the outside he can claim to be on the side of the disenfranchised or the downtrodden. I knew one who liked to repeat phrases such as "they have to stop keeping my brothers down" but he didn't mean a word of it. He was actually a racist. The psychopath can also often identify himself as a revolutionary.

Profile Of The Sociopath