Sunday, December 6, 2009

When The Queen Bee In Your Life Has An Emotional Meltdown- For The Men

OK boys we talked about "Queen Bees & The Men That Love Them" Here. Let's see a real life example of when your very own Queen Bee has an Emotional Meltdown, more commonly known as a "Bitch Fit"

This is what can and does happen if you forget to phone your Queen Bee during your holiday, bath, work lunch, meeting, or sleep.

She expects you to be on "standby" 24/7 , 365 days of the year. Don't forget if you don't text her, email her, phone her or construct a billboard in her honour, she will call your friends, mum, dad, grandma, or ex wife, and scream obscenities in their ear.

Failing that she will send you emails to try and make you jealous, imagine you are on another continent, in the bath, in a meeting or asleep. She will message you to let you know she's met a guy who bought her a drink or flirted with her, or asked her out" this is designed to force you to become more "responsive" , angry and jealous. Basically how a 5 year old behaves when told "NO"

She will also sleep with someone else in less than 5 days (See video it really does happen guys) and will finally spill the truth about your relationship and how she hated your friends/mother/job/you/likes and dislikes, then take it all back once she has realized her error. Oops, but by then it's too late (Thank God) the beast has been released and you will finally discover not who you are dating but "what" you are dating and it ain't pretty.

This particular Queen Bee knew he was on holiday , however Queen Bees will only hear what they want to hear, this is called "Selective Hearing" ....why?

.....Drama = Attention (did you not learn anything from this?)

When you are in a relationship with a Queen Bee, you have NO life, you exist to appease, placate and serve, remember this.

Watch in the video as this Queen Bee turns from an angel into a hideous, spitting beast.

Do NOT mistake her pathology for passion, once you experience the "Bitch Fit" you will need a holiday to get over it. It's THAT explosive!


Dorothy Rimson said...

I kind of got lost in the video...

Anonymous said...

My ex to the 'T'... or rather to the 'B'...

Online Casino said...

That's a great video you have there.

Fighting Online Stalkers said...

I came across your blogger and am pleased there are others who will stand and fight against these sick people. I, myself, have been witness to some very deranged cyber stalkers (ironically female) who are stalking a couple of my female friends and associates. One is a very psychotic Dirk Benedict fanatic. Another one in particular that goes by the name ani baster is a real raving lunatic; leaving disturbing comments in a yahoo list I'm subscribed to a couple years back and when she was caught in the act she then got this complete psychopath to post all this vicious bile over my blogger and more insane crap about one of my friends claiming "going after *her* friends" and rambled on for weeks after that. Reading through her journal, this bitter old hag spends her time whining about her problems, -being the world's biggest victim while attacking anyone who dares have a worse existence than herself-, attacking some soul(s) and telling local people off/being nasty or posting how she hates her family. Yeah, a real charmer, huh? So I'm glad these types of people aren't fooling everyone. Thanks for your very informative blogger. I hope to read through more of it. It seems there are other people who've experienced these unstable people on the internet.

Anonymous said...

This could be a queenb narcissist type but you can't really tell from the video...I mean she seems genuinely unaware of where he's at and genuinely hurt. Maybe ditsy? Very emotional? It's annoying but doesn't mean N. The N stuff is usually more like I don't care *where* you are etc., you will pay for not jumping when I say...when she finds he's in Europe she's fine with it all which means shes not upset he didn't have his phone on, she just thought he was being purposely mean.

The video to me just doesn't jive with the article which is a good article.

Sometimes people get like this when they are with an N too because their self esteem is lowered by the relationship so they're defensive and worried, in fact it's a little more N-like to post this publicly than the actual emails were themselves. He's not too hard on her though and shows a good understanding of her state of mind, despite being very hurt and annoyed-so basically I just don't see the N in the video.

It can be hard to define mental stuff though sometimes because like with malignant narcissim its' not just about what's said and what happens-anyone can make an ass out of themselves in the right situation-it's more about the motive. When targeted ruthlessly by an N and cronies you can be set up to be the screaming angry whatever when really you're defending yourself or becoming emotional, technically you display the 'traits' that are supposedly N. But the reality is self defense is not a mental illness and the only thing that's different is motive and that takes finesse and time to ferret out.

Thank so much for this site!