Friday, November 13, 2009

YIDWITHLID - Fails At The Internet.

Not content with ruining his victims lives with attacks on their image and being a complete idiot most of the time, YIDWITHLID has hit new levels on the BS meter.

Being unemployed again for the Nth time and sofa surfing , YID is content to sit around on his makeshift throne and spam message boards with his blog site address and insane babbling.

As YIDWITHLID is obviously so in tune with the political issues of the world it's funny how he does not realize he is posting a thread that was last years news. In fact 2 years old to be precise. (2007 Book Excerpt)

Narcissists have no real sense of time, they spend all their time and effort thinking about themselves so they actually miss what is really going on in the world today and scan the internet for the first interesting 911 thread they can get their hands on. Narcissists don't pay attention to anything outside their orbital field.

Maybe if he read up on SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tools he wouldn't have to spend all day and night spamming boards. I personally promise to read his blog if he disappears from the planet altogether and never returns.

As you can see from the Board And His Thread his number was up on Page 5 when someone linked to Enpsychopedia with a nice bold title of Cyberpath, Sexual Predator, Zionist Blogger, Marketing Executive, Possible Sociopath

Screenshot Of Said Thread Exposure

Enpsychopedia basically lists his pathology and narcissism and lies ..........and links back to Cyberpaths Site listing his aliases and crimes and many links showcasing said crimes.

Never ever go to a conspiracy forum and attempt to gain respect or blog hits because the people housed on such boards are the most paranoid people on the internet/planet and will google your ass until they find dirt.

And in this case I think I have made my point. Happy Blogging :)


Anonymous said...

I know someone just like this. I had no idea he was like that when I met him, but its scary. I am pregnant with his child. For a while now I have been scratching my head thinking its me thats crazy, but now, after looking it up I know whats wrong with him. He too, is always the victim, always wronged, even if he does admit some wrong, the next time we talk it will be my fault and have little to do with his actions. Example, He blew up on me and scared me, I called the police and he left, walking in the middle of the night. I am not going to have anyone talk to me like that or slam the doors in my house. The next day I get two voicemails saying how deeply i have hurt him and betrayed his trust, the agony he experienced by walking in the middle of the night, the slanderous words i said to him (i really think you need to seek some help). By the end of his messages I felt so horrible for what I had done, but wait a minute....I told him to leave for my safety...I then realized what was going on. I am dealing with a master manipulator, and the thing is, he acts like he has no clue to what actually went on...its scary.

PND said...

I hope for the safety of you and your unborn baby, you don't take anymore of his calls or visits.

He sounds very dangerous. You are not the crazy one here!

After being separated from him a while, the fog will begin to lift and you can see clearly how he has behaved.

I do hope you have some kind of back up plan, restraining order maybe if he carries on harassing you.