Thursday, October 2, 2008

Narcissistic Rage.

Narcissistic Rage usually occurs as a result of a narcissistic injury, a psychological wounding of the narcissists essential self. Such a blow to his core identity will typically lower his self-esteem and produce feelings of humiliation, shame and rage.

Once the narcissist has suffered an injury he will feel empty, humiliated and so he retaliates by raging at the ones he feel betrayed his false image.

The word Rage often conjures up the image of somebody verbally shouting, screaming or "losing it"

However "Rage" doesn't always indicate the obvious so your narcissist might show his rage in other more covert ways.

The anger engulfs the narcissist with hatred, unforgiveness and the need to hurt others.

Some narcissists work very hard to disguise their anger in order to dish out their rage in more indirect ways.

Here is a classic example of how weirdly fast a Narcissist can go from his rage to normalcy in seconds.

Can he really switch this on and off like a tap? find out by reading Kathy Krajco's blog. Kathy is a freelance writer and her findings on Narcissism are invaluable.

Kathy Krajco covers this video here so please read her thoughts on Narcissistic Rage.


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